The method of recording multiple-segment files is slightly different from single messages. Multiple-segment files are used to play the digit confirmation messages and to play values, either from variables ($play_var) or in credit-card processing. You may wish to record the segments in your own voice and create a new combined file.

You should first create a working directory for each file, and copy into it the appropriate algorithm file (.ALG). For the standard US English digit and amount messages the files are FFDIGITS.ALG and FFAMOUNT.ALG. Files are also available for UK English, French, German, Swiss French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. Files for other languages will be available in the future.

Print out a copy of the .ALG file and work with the final section listing the filenames. For each filename, you must select using the recording studio the message number in the first column, and then speak the word or words in the second column. The text from the second column will be displayed on the screen as you select each file number in the recording studio.

When your recording is complete, check that the output file name near the top of the file is correct, and then compile the multiple-segment file by running FFAMOUNT -c filename.ALG. This will create the output file containing the compiled algorithm and all the component files.

To create your own custom algorithm files, please see the description of the CopiaFacts Configurable Phrase-Speaking Feature.