This sample application is intended to provide a simple means of recording new prompts, both to create custom standard voice prompts and to create prompts for your own custom scripting.

The CopiaFacts Recording Studio remains available for more complex recording applications, but the VRECORD sample application is more suitable just recording a new prompt.  You should also consider using CopiaFacts Text to Speech features if you have an application where lots of phrases need to be spoken.

CopiaFacts calls your phone

The VRECORD application controls the process.  It starts by writing an FS file which initiates a voice outbound operation to call your phone.  It prompts you to record a message which it then saves in a temporary WAV file.

After you have played back your recording(s) you can then use VRECORD to copy or move, and rename, the temporary file to the appropriate voice files folder, or to the location of your infobox files in the case of custom IVR prompts.

The application files are described in the following sections:


Parameters needed in the VRECORD user profile

VRECORD Infoboxes