FFVIEWER uses Recipient Lists for two purposes:

To supply a directory name to facilitate moving and copying fax document files to the recipient's local directory.

To supply a default fax phone number or e-mail address for use when sending or forwarding a fax to a specific recipient.

The recipients list file is an ASCII file containing on each line a person's name and optional comment in curly brackets, followed by a bar character ( | ) followed by either a directory name (full path) or a fax phone number. FFVIEWER determines that the entry is a directory name if it contains a colon (:) or backslash (\) character, or an e-mail address if it contains an at-sign (@).  You may mix both types of entry in a recipient list and only the appropriate entries will be displayed for each purpose.

For example:


Recipient Name {comment} | directory for move/copy

Recipient Name {comment} | fax phone number for fax send

Recipient Name {comment} | e-mail address for e-mail send

To browse for a directory name, position the text cursor at the point where you want a directory name to be inserted (using the keyboard or the left mouse button), and then click the right mouse button to pop up a directory selection dialog. When you click OK, the selected directory name will be pasted into the edit box. The new directory name will replace any text which was 'selected' when you pop up the dialog, which will then start from the directory, if it exists, which was in the 'selected' text.

You can maintain multiple recipients lists for different applications.  The last one used is loaded automatically when you start FFVIEWER.  Use the settings dialog for recipients lists to edit lists and load the one you need.