This optional feature allows randomized pickup of FS files from multiple jobs in the same TOSENDx folder.  Historically, FAT file systems provided adequate randomized pickup, but with the move to NTFS, FS files are in practice picked up in sequential order.  Thus with the default settings, if two jobs are launched in quick succession to the same TOSENDx folder, the majority of the first job will be processed before the second is started.


To enable this feature, set a $job_options keyword of ReverseFS.  This causes the FS number to be reversed in the filename, with a '!' added to identify it as reversed.  So instead of launching 12345678.FS, 12345679.FS, 12345680.FS the job launcher will launch 87654321!.FS, 97654321!.FS, 08654321!.FS.  The files in multiple jobs will then be mixed as they are picked up from each TOSENDx folder.

For reporting and analysis purposes, you can still access what would have been the original sequential FS number:

A control variable FSSEQNUM which will always contain the sequential 8-digit number is available in the COPIAFACTS engine, but not saved in FS files.  You can use this variable in place of FSNUM, for example in the data extracted for Notify Queue messages.  FSNUM will include the exclamation mark for reversed-number FS file items.

The $log_options keyword FSseq will record the sequential 8-digit number in the FSNUM log field. The default is to show the actual FS number, omitting the exclamation mark character (because the log field is limited to 8 digits).

Data extraction in JOBDDATA and JOBXDATA has a new keyword SEQNUM which can be used in JDFIELDS.LST and JXFIELDS.LST to include the sequential 8-digit number in the extraction. For jobs not using this feature, SEQNUM is the same as FSNUM.  FSNUM will include the exclamation mark for reversed-number FS file items.

JOBREPORT has a keyword FS_ACTUALNUM to show the actual FS filename (with exclamation mark, no extension) in reports. When you specify a report sorting sequence of 'FS number' this always uses the sequential FS number, matching the sequence of the original list(s). For jobs not using this feature, FS_ACTUALNUM is the same as FS_FSNUM.

JOBADMIN can show either the sequential number or the reversed number with exclamation mark on the job item status page, and will sort and filter on either column content.  The default is to show the actual (reversed) FS number, but setting a variable LIST_SHOWSEQ to a non-empty value will change this.  The content of the column can also be switched dynamically between 'actual' and 'sequential' from the right-click menu which specifies column filtering.

The FS filenames for previews, proofs, reports and job worker-boxes are not reversed.

It is recommended that this feature should not be used on systems where some COPIAFACTS nodes are still running version 7.