The Queues page allows dynamic setting of the blackout period for each TOSEND directory, or to disable each directory entirely. There is the option to save these settings only for the current node (which has immediate effect) or for all nodes enabled in the FAXCOUNT.HWL file (which will be effective within one minute of applying the changes). Do not use the All Nodes button if you are still running a mix of CopiaFacts version 7 and version 8 nodes.

The TOSEND pulldown allows the priority of individual numbered TOSEND folders to be adjusted by dragging the folder names up and down the list.  The TOSEND folder cannot be moved from the topmost position and highest priority.  This feature allows a temporary priority boost for one or more TOSENDx queues, for example by moving TOSEND4 to towards the top of the list and saving for 'All CopiaFacts Nodes'; or to balance queue operations by using different folder priorities on each node.  Most sites will continue to operate well without the need to make dynamic changes to the relative priority of the numbered TOSEND queues, and is suggested that this feature should be used sparingly.

When the queues are not in their 'natural order', the queue names appear on the pulldown on a light brown background to highlight this condition. The sequence of TOSEND queues on the FS Counts page also reflects the selected order, and that page also uses the same light brown background to highlight the fact that the order is unusual.

Queue Priority

Traditionally CopiaFacts has used different TOSEND queues to specify different queue priorities, with higher-numbered queues having lower priority.  In 2007, the system was enhanced to allow the priority sequence of the numbered queues to be set independently for each processing node, but the usefulness of this change was limited by the small number of TOSEND queues available, and only slightly improved by the increased number of TOSEND queues, increased from 10 to 16 in CopiaFacts version 8.

During the lifetime of build 8.2, we expect to further increase the number of available TOSEND queues.  In preparation for this, version 8.2 introduces a new optional queue priority management method, the use of quotas of processed items, settable for each processing node.  This will provide a 'fairer' method of prioritizing work.

Queue Quota Settings

On the COPIAFACTS Queues page, a new Quotas button gives access to a table showing the number of records to be selected for the node from each queue:

The use of Queue Quotas can be enabled optionally for each node.  When Quotas are enabled, the following changes are made to queue processing in the node:

All TOSEND queues have the same 'priority', but the number of FS files taken per scan from each queue is limited on each pass through the folders.

A non-standard sequence in which queues are to be processed on each scan, if specified, is ignored.  Queues are scanned in numeric sequence.

When the number of FS files specified as the 'process quota' has been reached, or if the folder is empty, scanning moves to the next TOSEND queue.

When the number of FS files skipped (as not ready or not processable) has been reached, scanning moves to the next TOSEND queue.

When the scanning moves to the next queue, both the 'processed' counter and the 'skipped' counter are reset.

When the 'process quota' for a queue is zero, the queue is effectively disabled.  A queue may also be disabled, even when it has a positive 'process quota', using the normal 'disable' button on the main queue page.  In both cases the queue is shown grayed on the Quota settings page.

At intervals determined by the 'Search Interval TOSEND' on the Options/Options page (default 20 seconds), scanning switches to the base TOSEND folder, if enabled.  The quota for this folder is fixed as 'all available files'.  When processing in the TOSEND folder is complete, scanning resumes in the folder where it was interrupted.

The quota for the base TOSEND queue is either all or none.

Because there is a (small) overhead in changing the queue to be scanned, we recommend that the quota numbers should be scaled so that the minimum is at least 10.  In other words, choose 60,30,10 in preference to 6,3,1.

Note that the process quota refers to FS to be selected for processing, not to pages to be processed.