FFVIEWER can be used in specialist applications where operators need to view and process large numbers of incoming faxes on separate machines. This is set up as follows:

An option on the settings menu causes the MCF to be locked while the fax is being viewed. To be effective, all operators who are viewing the same incoming mailboxes should set this option.

An option on the mail selection dialog allows hiding of locked MCFs. The selection is NOT updated automatically, so a listed MCF may become locked by another operator while you are viewing the selection list. If you attempt to view a locked item, the program will prevent you from opening it. However you may still see the first page on the preview section of the mail open dialog.

An option on the mail selection dialog allows hiding of MCFs that have already been viewed. These are the lines that show with an asterisk (*) in the column headed V.

A marker (#) in the column headed V on the mail selection dialog indicates the items that have been locked at some time in the past. These items are of course also hidden when already-viewed items are hidden. If you load one of these items, then the 'Info' dialog can be used to display the name and time of the last user who locked it. If this feature is used by a supervisor to make regular checks of the person who last locked the file, the station doing these checks should be configured NOT to lock the MCF while viewing the file. If this is not done, then the supervisor's viewing of the file will be recorded as the last locking of the file.  The name used in the display will be taken from the sender name on the Send Fax/Email settings page.

An option on the settings menu specifies auto-loading of the first mail item found that is neither locked nor previously viewed and which has a valid TIF file. This avoids the operator having to wait for the selection dialog to refresh. When you check the settings checkbox for the autoload feature, the 'Lock MCF' setting is also enabled, as are the "Hide viewed" and "Hide locked" settings on the mail selection menu. Deselecting any of these checkboxes suspends the operation of the autoload feature. The autoload feature only works when FFVIEWER is started with a '-m' command-line flag.

When the autoload function is enabled, it causes the first available unprocessed MCF to be opened whenever the mail selection dialog is AUTOMATICALLY activated or re-activated, and also when it is opened by the normal shortcut key ("A"). Automatic activation of this dialog occurs when the viewer is first started (with the -m flag) and whenever a viewed file is closed, and automatic re-activation occurs when the MBX is changed or when the dialog is refreshed (with the F5 key).

Opening the mail-selection dialog by clicking on the second toolbar button NEVER causes the autoload function to operate. This enables you to activate the dialog, for example to change settings, without the autoload taking place.

If there is no unprocessed item to autoload, the normal mail selection dialog is displayed but the autoload feature is not disabled. Since viewed and locked files are hidden, the selection dialog will be empty in these circumstances. If you refresh the dialog with F5 and an unprocessed item becomes available, it will be loaded (provided that the two 'hide' checkboxes are still checked).