FFVIEWER can print your fax documents on any graphics-enabled printer supported by Windows.

There are two image-size modes in which you can print, which you can select from the FFVIEWER print menu:

Scaled mode

In this mode an image loaded at 1/1 (which has all the detail available in the original file) can be scaled up to print full-page size on your printer. In the case of a 200 by 200 pixel/inch original printed on a 300 by 300 pixel/inch laser printer, this results in an enlargement of a linear 50% to create an image approximately the same size as the original fax. The 300dpi printed image will probably not be quite as crisp as the original 200dpi fax, but it will be comparable to receiving the fax directly on a 300dpi laser plain paper fax machine. The actual quality will depend on the quality of the driver supplied for your printer. If the image is wider than 1728 pixels (B4 or A3), it will be reduced to fit your printer page size if necessary.

In this mode, a print menu option allows printing of all pages of a document instead of just the page being viewed.

Thumbnail mode

This mode prints one or more document images on a page.  The actual number per page is as follows:

For 100% size, there is room for only one document on the page.

In 50% size, there are four documents per printed page.

In 33% size, there are sixteen documents per printed page.

In 25% size, there are twenty-five documents per printed page.

Each document has a label above it showing the filename. The documents are positioned on the assumption that you may be using either A4 stationery or US Letter stationery to print multiple original documents which may also be either A4 or US Letter size, so some compromise is necessary to fit them in. Also not all fax images are the same length.

On a 300dpi printer, the displayed image is transferred to the page with no scaling, for maximum quality. This is what determines the number per page.  For example a 25% size fax is 432 pixels across, so we can just fit five of them across an 8.5-inch page at 300dpi (or across a 210mm A4 page).

If your printer resolution is not 300dpi, FFVIEWER will scale the image as necessary to emulate a 300dpi printer. A 432 pixel wide image would not be easily legible if transferred bit-for-bit to a 1200dpi printer.

Thumbnail mode is not supported for images wider than 1728 pixels.