FS files to be broadcast can be generated using FFBC, JOBCL or JOBADMIN, or by your own application. The $email_address command is required to identify an e-mail broadcast. The address can either be a plain 'person@address' format, or can include the name (with or without double quotes) followed by the address in angle brackets ( < > ). Double-quotes around the text name part prevent its being encoded quoted-printable if it contains non-ASCII characters.

Each e-mail item must have at least one of a subject, a body or an attachment. The subject line is specified on an $email_subject command in the FS file.

The body text ($email_body) can consist of either a normal text file or an HTML file. Using $email_altbody allows both types of body to be included in the e-mail message as 'multipart/alternative'. If your text contains non-ASCII characters then CopiaFacts will encode it quoted-printable. See the $email_options command for details of how to control this.

Body text or alternate body text can also be specified directly in the FS file using one or more $email_text commands or $email_alttext commands. You can intermix both $email_body and $email_text in the same infobox file, and also both $email_altbody and $email_alttext.

The attachment file or files are specified on $email_attach commands. These files are always MIME-encoded base64. The content type is set to application/octet-stream unless you override this on the command.

Your message should also specify an $email_esender, which is the "envelope sender" of the transmission. Remote mail servers will normally respond to this address when errors occur after the mail has been accepted.

You can also add custom headers using $email_header, such as a reference to the FS number to enable you to track back any failure reports that come back after the broadcast is complete. For bureau operations, the $email_esender is normally the bureau, and you should then give the name of the originator on an $email_from command. You may wish to add a Reply-To header if the recipient is expected to reply to the e-mail.