Normally Job Administration e-mail broadcasts will contain $email_body and $email_altbody commands to supply body text with text/plain and text/html content types respectively.  Individual lines of text can also be supplied on $email_text and $email_alttext commands.  This text is always pre-processed at transmit time to expand variables, which should be introduced (by default) with the accent grave character (`).  In addition, if $email_options PercentXX is given, then instances of %xx inside a URL link, where xx is the hexadecimal value of the e-mail variable introducer (default %60), will be taken as equivalent to the introducer character.  The "`" character inside URLs is normally replaced with "%60" by HTML editing software.

The Job Administration feature can also handle the types of document listed below as e-mail attachments for simple e-mail broadcasts. Note that no Document Converter integration is available on Plain E-Mail Broadcasts.

Show detailsDocument files with a matching defined content type, with no customization
Show detailsHTML Documents
Show detailsTIF documents to be converted to PDF or image format
Show detailsTIF documents to be customized by an overlay and optionally converted to PDF or image format