Telephone and Fax Simulator

PHONESIM nodename

The CopiaFacts telephone and fax simulator allows you to test and demonstrate CopiaFacts features using a machine with a standard Windows-supported sound device. Using a 'line' set up specially for the simulator in the CopiaFacts Configurator, you can 'call in' to the system, listen to and record WAV files, and 'send' and 'receive' faxes.

PHONESIM can also be used  to test IVR applications using Text to Speech.

The fax transmission is simulated by copying fax files to and from a local directory that you specify.  The nodename of the COPIAFACTS program to use is a required command-line parameter.

When you press the 'off-hook' button, the simulator calls CopiaFacts on the allocated line. You can then respond to prompts in the normal way, either by pressing the phone buttons with the mouse or optionally by entering the numbers on the computer keyboard. The '+' key on the numeric pad can be used as an alternate for '#'.

The simulation works best if you press each key individually with a slight pause: it is not designed for touch-typists. You can interrupt system prompts in the usual way, and can also hang up at any point using the hang-up button. Wait briefly before calling again to allow CopiaFacts to reset the line state.

On the settings page, you can specify the number which the simulator 'calls' and the number it is calling from. This allows you to simulate and test the DNIS and ANI processing which would be used if a real call was received on the line. If you follow the 'called' number with a comma and more digits, the digits will be used as 'Software DID' digits after the 'call' is connected. You can also specify the filenames from which a fax will be 'sent' to CopiaFacts and into which a file will be 'received' from CopiaFacts. Normally, you would do this before starting the simulation call. To 'send' a fax when prompted, press the green send button. A red button then will appear and pressing this causes the fax transmission to 'fail'. When PHONESIM is running and a receive filename has been entered, faxes will be 'received' when sent by CopiaFacts on the simulator line. Use $fax_send_line while testing to ensure that faxes are sent to the simulator. The document is displayed on the pop-out 'fax machine' while being sent or received.