Any of the elements of your e-mail message can be personalized using normal CopiaFacts variables. Because of the number of '@' characters that are used in the e-mail environment, the normal CopiaFacts variable introducer is changed to an ASCII grave accent character (`) on all FS commands beginning $email_... and in the expansion of e-mail body text and HTML files. You can change this with the $macro_char command, or you can suppress all expansion in a specific message using $email_options nomacro.

For example, in an e-mail broadcast, if your list has a column headings FIRSTNAME you could include a line in your $email_body file:


The `BCX_x variables reference list columns by the name x in the column's header row.  You can also reference columns by number, for example `BCF3 for column 3.

You can also personalize graphical PDF attachments using the CopiaFacts Graphical Customization feature and the libraries CF8GCOVER.DLL and FFPDF.DLL. To do this, specify a .GCT or .GTT file as an e-mail attachment file and use a content-type of application/pdf on the $email_attach command. The special content type causes the output file to be written as PDF instead of TIF. Note that GCT and GTT customization should always use @ as a variable prefix, even though (indirectly) invoked by means of an $email_... command.