There are now six methods for pre- and post-processing transactions:

External A separate (user-supplied) program scans the CopiaFacts queues and finds FS files (or MCF files) which are coded as awaiting processing. The program has to read the file to determine the status, and has to rewrite it to change the status so that CopiaFacts knows that external processing has been completed. The FS files reside in the same queue as others not awaiting processing, so there may be much scanning needed to find them.
FFEXTERN The FFEXTERN program manages all the standard 'built-in' processing that is done outside the main COPIAFACTS server engine. FS files awaiting processing by FFEXTERN are placed in special PREPROC or POSTPROC directories, so FFEXTERN can find them more efficiently.
Internal Internal processing involves the main COPIAFACTS server engine calling a process in an external executable (or batch file). Because only a few standard parameters are supplied, the external process must locate and read the FS file (or MCF) if other data is needed for the processing.
INFOBOX The processing is controlled by one or more infoboxes to which control is passed after processing of the transaction is complete, but before the FS file has been written to SENT or FAIL. From an infobox you can call an external program or DLL with full control over all the arguments that are passed to it. A full range of system and control variables is available, containing all details of the transaction, any of which can be used to control the processing. You can also now write FS files from an Infobox to initiate further transactions.
INFOBOXALL As for INFOBOX, but with the difference that infobox post-processing happens after all attempts, not just the final attempt; and that post-receive processing happens also after failed incoming faxes, not just after faxes have been successfully received.
INFOBOXENDAs for INFOBOX, but with the difference that infobox post-processing happens after the FS file has been completely processed and written to SENT or FAIL.  This allows your infobox processing to move the FS to some other location if you wish. The ACTIVE file lock protecting the FS file from opening by other CopiaFacts processes will not be released until INFOBOXEND postprocessing is complete.

The remainder of this section describes the various types of 'INFOBOX' processing.