Outbound Calls & E-Mails

CopiaFacts handles all types of outbound traffic from the main COPIAFACTS server program.  Larger sites may run several instances of the COPIAFACTS program, often with each instance dedicated to a specific type (e.g. fax, e-mail, voice) of outbound traffic.  Provided that they do not use the same fax or voice hardware or ports, multiple instances may be run on a single physical or virtual machine.

COPIAFACTS handles the following types of outbound traffic:

Fax Server operations and Fax Broadcasting.

Voice outbound messages and Voice Broadcasting.

E-Mail outbound messages and E-Mail Broadcasting.

SMS messages and SMS Broadcasting via a third-party SMS aggregator.

Outbound Queues

Transactions are generally queued in folder queues, with each outbound task represented by a separate .FS command file.  'FS' originally stood for 'Fax Send' but the same file extension is now used for all types of outbound task.  In addition to folder queues, E-Mail and SMS broadcasts can also be launched into MSMQ Queues, where the queue messages have the form of FS file images.

CopiaFacts supports multiple outbound 'TOSEND' folder queues, which are used to subdivide different types of outbound traffic and to assign priorities.  Historically, the queue number specified an fixed priority scheme, but more flexible means of allocating outbound priorities are now supported.

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