Start BladeWare Service


This command is used to stop (if running) and restart the Commetrex BladeWare service.  It is run automatically by the COPIAFACTS engine if the executable is found in the Program Files\Copia folder and the operating system is Windows XP or Server 2003.

You can also suppress running this program by setting the environment variable BLADEWARESERVICE to a value of 'none'.  This variable must be set in the Windows environment, not by using $environment.

This command has no parameters.  It requires elevation on systems using User Account Control, so we recommend that for systems with UAC you should suppress the automatic running of this program by COPIAFACTS, using:

$environment M1 BladeWareService none ; M1 is the nodename

If the BladeWare service may take several minutes to start.  COPIAFACTS will wait for up to five minutes, which is usually long enough.