Set Commetrex BladeWare Parameters


This program is used after installing the CopiaFacts interface for Commetrex BladeWare SIP, to specify the necessary parameters for SIP traffic. The program must be run on a machine node on which BladeWare and COPIAFACTS have been installed and a CopiaFacts nodename assigned.  It requires elevation on systems using User Account Control.

If you have multiple BladeWare nodes, you must run OTFCONFIG on each node.  To set the COPIAFACTS nodename, run COPIAFACTS, and change the nodename to the configured node which is to be used on the machine.  Then close COPIAFACTS before it begins startup, since it will not successfully start until the BladeWare parameters have been set in OTFCONFIG and BladeWare has been started.
When started for initial configuration (with no user name, password or SIP URL set) a wizard page will be shown (see below) to assist with the collection of parameters for supported IP providers.  The first such providers included are babyTEL and Flowroute.  After you have entered the parameters, the wizard will set up the other pages as required. Follow the instructions on the page, if shown.

The program can update the FAXFACTS.CFG commands and variable definitions, and also writes command files into the Commetrex OTF\BIN folder for use in testing the interface. For details of the entries, see the hints and examples in the program.


Visit each of the three leftmost tab pages in turn and enter the necessary parameters.  Then visit each of the four rightmost tab pages, verify that no entries are missing or invalid (shown in red text), and then save each file you have modified using the Save button.

If your SIP configuration does not require registration, check the 'not needed' checkbox(es) on the Register page:

On each of the last three pages, you can also use the Run button after saving the command file, to run a test.  These tests use BladeWare test utilities, not CopiaFacts.

The Save All button is only enabled after you have visited and checked each of the four rightmost tab pages.  At this stage all four tab labels should be shown in green text.

Selecting NAT or Direct Connection

On the Protocols page, you MUST configure correctly depending on whether you are using Network AddressTranslation (NAT).  To check whether your system uses NAT, follow the instructions in the Hardware topic for BladeWare SIP.

If you are NOT using NAT, you should enter the externally visible IP address in the first two Profile Settings boxes on the Protocols page, and zeros in the External IP box:


If you ARE using NAT, you should enter the internal network address in the first two Profile Settings boxes on the Protocols page, and the external IP address in the External IP box:

If you right-click in the edit box, the pop-up will show you the available IP values to enter.

Wizard Page for babyTEL Configuration

Starting OTFCONFIG with the WB or WF command-line parameter starts in Wizard mode for supported babyTel or Flowroute respectively.  The following Wizard page allows entry of the basic settings for babyTEL:

After entering your User ID and SIP Password, click Apply.  This will populate the Register and Calls tabs.  Proceed to the Protocols tab and follow the instructions in the babyTEL configuration topic.