The Options page of the Settings menu allows configuration of program options. Settings are saved between sessions. Currently, the options which can be set are as follows:

whether the thumbnail images are displayed on the left of the screen.  The default is to display them.  Unless you enable this option, you cannot move or copy annotations from one page to another, and you cannot re-order the pages in a multi-page document.

whether a magnified image of the area under the mouse cursor is to be shown at the foot of the thumbnails column.

whether the status bar is shown at the foot of the screen.  The status bar shows a highlighted text for: images modified; annotations added; page sequence changed; pages added and deleted; image cropped; image turned upside down.  Any of these items may cause you to want to save the fax document.

whether to clear out the memo text after sending a fax or e-mail.  The default is to clear the box, but you may wish it not to be cleared if you have to send a similar document to several people. The text is never retained to the next FFVIEWER session, though you can of course copy it to the clipboard if you wish and paste it back later.

whether the mail control file should be locked to prevent others accessing it while you view a received fax.

whether full-page printouts should include a box at the top containing filename and date information.

whether to make backups before saving files.  Backups have a tilde (~) added at the front of the file extension.

whether to show a fly-up hint as a reminder that annotations have a right-click menu, when the cursor is over an annotation window bar.

whether annotations are to be printed on full-page printouts.

whether file save warnings are to be suppressed

whether to automatically load the first un-viewed mail item on startup, and whether to always start in mail mode.

whether to set 'fax reply' mode, where the 'send fax' dialog adds an option to exclude the viewed fax, and also presents ANI and or TSI from the incoming fax in a pull-down for the number box.

what variables to include on the right-click menu for insertion in an annotation.

whether to use the left mouse button for accelerated image dragging (legacy) or the right button.

In addition there are edit boxes for:

Conversion options to be used when loading PDFs for conversion to TIF on the fly.

The degree of opacity (0 to 100%) for annotations.  Setting opacity less than 100% greatly assists the precise positioning of annotations.

The maximum number of file history items (from 0 to 16) which will appear at the foot of the File menu.

The color and the font color to be used for the annotation window caption bar.

The color to be used for highlighting the current page in the thumbnail image window.

The color to be used for annotation outlines on images other than 100% size.