The Open File dialog allows you to select and open any supported file for viewing.

If you do not know the exact location of a fax file, you can use the Infobox dialog to find the file instead of this Open File dialog.  This allows you to find a document using its CopiaFacts infobox number.

Files are always opened in read-only mode, so using FFVIEWER to view a file should not disrupt other CopiaFacts operations.  If you try to open a file which is in a non-supported format, FFVIEWER will report that it cannot read the file and give a reason for the failure.

If the file is a fax image file, it is opened in the zoom size which is currently set, and in the black/white mode which is currently set.  If there are multiple pages in the file, the display starts with the first page.

After opening and displaying a selected .1 file, FFVIEWER scans the directory for other files with the same file name and consecutive file extensions.

The directory set in the Open File dialog is remembered between sessions.

Short-cut Key:  O  (Open).

The File menu also contains items which will load and save separately a watermark file and its GCT/GTT annotations.