Reboot a Windows node

NTREBOOT \\machinename | THISNODE

This program causes an immediate shutdown and reboot on the named node, or on the current machine if the keyword THISNODE is given. You require sufficient privileges on the machine to be shut down in order to successfully complete the shutdown. You can determine (and if authorized, change) who has Shutdown Privilege on the Windows (2000 or above) machine you wish to shut down by going to:



  Control Panel

   Administrative Tools

    Local Security Policy

     Security Settings

      User Rights Assignment

       Shut down the system...

In an Active Directory environment, additional steps may be needed.  See this example

To reboot Windows Server machines, you may also need to enable the ability to shut down without having logged on to the system. See this example


To reboot the current machine:


To reboot the machine named PROLIANT: