The main Gateway documentation topics have not yet been updated to describe the new Gateway.  Most will not change, but the most important differences are described below:

Program Names

The gateway service is implemented in CFGATEWAY, and the gateway manager in GWMANAGER.

Both programs and both services may be installed, but do not run both services at the same time.  GWMANAGER will report an error if the old gateway is already running, but the old gateway does not currently check for the new one if started later.


The new gateway manager window backgrounds have a blue tint so as to distinguish them from the old.

The new gateway will support an optional second SMTP server which will offer secure e-mail to logged-in users.  This feature is not yet enabled and the settings for it are disabled in GWMANAGER.

Operation Monitoring

The new Gateway supports two separate types of operation monitoring:

You can run OMACHECK on another network machine and specify that the gateway writes an OMA file at regular intervals.  This allows the other machine to monitor in the normal way that the gateway is still running.  If the Gateway is unable to write its OMA file, it is assumed that the network will also not be able to save FS files: so it suppresses the scanning of received messages until the ability to write the OMA file is restored, but continues to receive and save incoming e-mail.  You can be notified of this happening if EMSETUP on the gateway machine has been used to set up appropriate triggers.

You can run OMACHECK on the same machine and use it to monitor that the service continues to listen on the SMTP ports.  This requires that OMACHECK be run elevated (as administrator) on the same machine.  Normally this instance of OMACHECK would not be used to monitor other network OMA files.  Monitoring is enabled for this purpose in GWMANAGER.


A new trace mechanism replaces the single gateway log file of the old gateway.  This creates GATEWAY.GW0 through .GW6 files in the specified folder (Sunday = 0).  As with other CopiaFacts trace files, a new trace file is started if the service is running over midnight, and an existing file is appended to if the service is manually started.

The trace settings in GWMANAGER have four trace options, described in the hints for the four checkboxes:

startstopTrace only session start and stop.
traceTrace main actions and all errors.
debugTrace details of processing.
lowlevelTrace more details of processing and scanning.  This setting also enables very detailed processing of TNEF extractions.

Setting the first three checkboxes approximates to the level of logging in the old gateway, and is the default setting on first use unless logging is disabled in an installation of the old gateway.

Signed and Encrypted E-Mail

Signature files are now ignored when the CopiaFacts Gateway security options are not enabled, instead of being treated as attachments.

Registry Settings

The new gateway and the old share most registry settings.  This allows either gateway manager to use the settings of the other.  Settings that differ include:

Trace/Log settings: the old gateway saves a single local file path, the new a local folder name with multiple options described above.

Enabling and monitoring settings.