The Move/Copy button shares space on the toolbar with the Fax/E-Mail Send button . To toggle between them, click the right mouse button on the toolbar button.

The copy dialog allows you to transfer fax documents to another directory.  This is principally for use when viewing incoming files, to allow you to transfer the files to the directory of the recipient.  You can specify that the original files should be deleted after the copy operation (move) or left in place (copy).  The setting is remembered for subsequent sessions.

The move or copy affects all files of a multiple file document.  If there is a .MCF file, it is also moved or copied.

The dialog is intended for use with a recipients list file containing a name and directory for each possible recipient in your organization.  This file can be set up using the settings dialogfor recipient list.

If a recipients list is available, you can pull down the list of names in the list box.  As you select a name, its corresponding directory is displayed in the directory box.

If no recipients list is available, you can enter the directory name explicitly in the lower box.  FFVIEWER does not check that directory names are valid until it starts to move or copy the file.  If a move fails, the file is not deleted.

Short-cut Keys:  M  (Move)  /  C  (Copy).