Message Control File [MCF]

The message control files are generated automatically by CopiaFacts as fax mail is processed. The files are kept in the directory specified as $message_dir for the satellite mail box into which the fax mail was received. You will seldom need to create, modify or even look at the commands described in this section. Note that .MCF files are not automatically deleted by CopiaFacts.

MCF Command List:


$call_number Fax Mail Generated Call Number
$fax_nsfdata Fax Mail NSF Data
$fax_sender Fax Mail Sender (Phone Number)
$fax_status Fax Mail Fax Processing Status
$mailbox_number Fax Mail Box Number
$message_file Fax Mail Message File Name
$message_format Fax Mail Message Format
$message_media Fax Mail Message Media Type
$message_rcv_line Fax Mail Message Receive Line
$message_received Fax Mail Message Received Datestamp
$message_send_line Fax Mail Message Send Line
$message_send_to Fax Mail Message Send To
$message_sent Fax Mail Message Sent Datestamp
$message_status Fax Mail Message Status
$page_count Fax Mail Page Count
$print_status Fax Mail Print Status
$var_def Fax Mail Variable Definition
$view_status Fax Mail View Status