Message information files (.MIF file extension) contain information about the message that is available at the time that the gateway and the sender are negotiating the sending of the message. You may think of this information as being similar to the information that appears on the envelope of a letter. An envelope normally has the address of the sender as well as the address of the recipient. The format of the message information file is the same as the standard Windows ini files so you may use standard system function to process this file if you wish. The CopiaFacts application support DLL provides the function GetIniFileValue which will allow you to read information from this file.

The file contains the following data. Section names are enclosed in square brackets:


Sender=sender email address

IP=sender IP address

Accepted=sender accepted (0 – false, 1 – true)

Validated=sender validated (0 – false, 1 – true)


Recipient#=recipient email address (# is a sequence number)


Received on=MM/DD/YYYY – HH:MM:SS

EHLO=EHLO sent (0 – false, 1 – true)

HELO=HELO sent (0 – false, 1 – true)

LoggedIn=sender logged in (0-false, 1 – true)

Username=user login name

Password=user login password

Since the gateway is not used as a primary email server, login information will not be available and the LoggedIn value will be false.