MBX Files for Fax Mail

In the following example the configuration file is set up to receive fax mail on line 1, using DID, and to allow mail box subscribers to collect mail on line 2 by entering their owner mail box number.

The user profile used for fax mail retrieval could be the default user profile FAX.USR, since the above line operations for line 2 will force fax mail operations, and start with the mail greeting, standard voice prompt 29 and a request for the owner mail box number, standard voice prompt 30. You may want to specify a password using the $caller_id command for enhanced security. This command allows the specification of owner mail box numbers (in the CLASS field of the data file), and control of which owner mail boxes can be accessed.

A separate user profile is needed for each fax mail satellite DID number, which will be loaded when the corresponding valid DID number is given:

; 00003003.USR User profile for satellite box 3003

$auto_call     3003 ; use mail box 3003

$fax_csid      "630 924 3003" ; set answerback for receive

The satellite mail box for these receive operations will be located by default in the FaxFacts MAIL subfolder or as specified on the $post_office command:

; 00003003.MBX Satellite mail box (for received faxes)

$mailbox_type  satellite

$mailbox_desc  none ; play no message to caller

$owner_box     993003 ; point to owner box

$message_dir   @FFPO\3003 ; directory for MCF and faxes

A pair of corresponding user profile and satellite mail box files is normally needed for each satellite mail box.

Finally, if stored faxes are to be collected from remote locations, an owner mail box must be set up for each subscriber, again in the MAIL subfolder. This is not needed for inbound-only fax mail applications.

; 00993003.MBX Owner mail box (for retrieval/pickup)

$mailbox_type  owner

$mailbox_desc  @FFPO\00003003.vox ; "John’s fax mail"

$owner_name    "John Jones"

$owner_telephone "630-682-8898"

$owner_fax     "6306659841" ; default delivery number

$owner_satellite 3003 ; links satellite mailbox(es)