Installing the .COPIAKEY File Automatically

When you renew your CopiaFacts maintenance and support option, a new license key will be issued by Copia or your CopiaFacts reseller.  Normally the key will be e-mailed to you with a copy of a PDF file confirming the key and license details. The key will be provided in a file named:


where SSSS is your CopiaFacts serial number, YYYY is the year of maintenance expiry and MM is the month of maintenance expiry.  The same procedure will apply for renewal of a limited-period license.

First, save the .CopiaKey file, we suggest in a folder named COPIAKEYS under the FAXFACTS folder.  This folder is created for you by the installer.  Do not double-click it directly in your e-mail client, which may have placed it in an inaccessible temporary location.
Double-click this file to launch CFHWL and install the new key.  A confirmation message will be shown but the program will not open:


Manually Installing the .COPIAKEY File

Alternatively, you can launch the Configurator (CFHWL) manually from the CopiaFacts items in the Start menu, and click on Load CopiaKey File:

Manually Entering the Key

If you do not have a .CopiaKey file, you can edit the date and key fields on the license screen from the printed license information.

First, display the license:

If you change the date this will invalidate the license, and prevent saving the file, until you have entered the correct key:

Setting the maintenance date forward and adding your new will allow you to use any new releases of CopiaFacts software issued during the maintenance period. It has no effect on the software versions you are already using, which will continue to run even if you have not renewed your CopiaFacts maintenance and support option.

A warning will be shown on the COPIAFACTS engine if it continues to run after maintenance has expired, and restarting COPIAFACTS after installing a current key will remove this warning.