The MBX mailbox files are used only in fax mail operations. For each of your mail subscribers you must set up one owner mail box and one or more satellite mail box files. The files are kept in the directory specified by the $post_office command in your configuration file. CopiaFacts automatically updates the mail box files as mail is received and delivered.

MBX Command List:


$apply_gct Specify GCT annotations for each page of incoming fax
$cover_sheet Specify Fax Mail Cover Sheet
$delete_option Set Fax Mail Deletion Option
$delivery_option Set Fax Mail Delivery Option
$last_delivered Record Last Fax Mail Delivery
$last_received Record Last Fax Mail Receipt
$mail_stop Inhibit Acceptance of Fax Mail
$mailbox_desc Specify Fax Mail Box Voice Description
$mailbox_type Specify Fax Mail Box Type
$media_type Specify Fax Mail Media Type
$message_dir Specify Fax Mail Message Directory
$owner_box Specify Fax Mail Owner Mail Box
$owner_fax Specify Fax Mail Subscriber Fax Number
$owner_name Specify Fax Mail Subscriber Name
$owner_satellite List Fax Mail Satellite Mail Boxes
$owner_telephone Specify Fax Mail Subscriber Voice Phone Number
$pending_count Fax Mail Control
$post_deliver Specify Fax Mail Post-Deliver Processing
$post_receive Specify Fax Mail Post-Receive Processing
$print_option Set Fax Mail Print option
$ready_count Fax Mail Control
$retain_days Set Fax Mail Retain Days
$total_received Fax Mail Logging