Append to job history in the job instance .LOG file

Inputs:  Parm1 = Job Instance UJP pathname
         Parm2 = String to log
         Parm3 = Value to log

Returns: 0

This function adds a text line to the job instance log file to form part of the job history. The information is also written to the 'Job Log Queue' if defined using $joblog_qname.  If the value in Parm3 is negative, the information is only written to the queue, not to the log file, and the positive value of Parm3 is used in the message.

The function automatically formats the message by adding a timestamp at the start of the string, with format YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS.  Following the timestamp the value from Parm3 is inserted in square brackets.

In the MSMQ message, the label parameter is the pathname of the job instance pathname (contracted to use @FFBASE), the message text is the formatted text line, and the AppSpecific message element is the positive value of the Parm3 parameter.

The value in Parm3 should be set as follows:

000..099Reserved for internal calls within CF8JOBADM.DLL
100..199Reserved for items logged by the COPIAFACTS process
200..299Reserved for items logged by the JOBADMIN process
300..399Reserved for items logged by the JOBMON process
400..499Reserved for items logged by the FFEXTERN process
500..599Reserved for preview-related items
600..699Reserved for items logged by the JOBREPORT process
900..999Available for user applications