Loading/Saving only Watermarks or Annotations

The File menu allows Annotations and Watermarks to be exchanged between documents:

Five items on the File menu permit moving both annotation sets and watermarks between different GCT or GTT files:

Close but keep annotations

This menu item closes the current image but retains the annotation data.  The annotations will be applied to any normal document that you load (but not a document you subsequently load as a GCT/GTT file).

Close and Drop Annotations

This does a fill close and retains no part of the current document.

Load annotations from GCT/GTT

Allows you to select a GCT or GTT file and load from it just the annotation data. Annotations for page numbers higher than those in the current file will be lost.

Load watermark only from GCT/GTT

This menu item will load the single watermark image from a GCT/GTT without loading its annotations.  Any existing annotations will be retained for use with the new watermark, unless the annotations refer to page numbers higher than the number in the new watermark file.

Drop all annotations

This menu item has been moved from its original position on the Action menu.

Loading annotations and watermark files in this way does not change the filename of the file being viewed.