The Infobox button shares space on the toolbar with the Select Mail button . To toggle between them, click the right mouse button on the toolbar button.

The Infobox dialog allows you to enter just a CopiaFacts infobox number to select a file for viewing.  FFVIEWER will use the CopiaFacts User Profile which you specify, and locate the document by using the $infobox and $image_locn commands in the user profile.  This allows you to find a document using the same logic as a fax-on-demand caller to your CopiaFacts system. For details of these user profile commands, please refer to the CopiaFacts manual.

The lookup keyword of the $image_locn command is not supported in FFVIEWER. If you do not have a suitable User Profile file, you can use the Open File dialog to find the file instead of this Infobox dialog.  This allows you to find a document by browsing.

Files are always opened in read-only mode, so using FFVIEWER to view a file should not disrupt other CopiaFacts operations. If you try to open a file which is in a non-supported format, FFVIEWER will report that it cannot read the file.

The file is opened in the zoom size which is currently set, and in the black/white mode which is currently set. If there are multiple pages in the file, the display starts with the first page.

The User Profile set in the Infobox dialog is remembered between sessions.

Short-cut Key:  U  (load from User profile)