The look-up checks for phone number, e-mail address or e-mail domain name at launch time for all outbound operations, and if found in the specified index file the outbound operation will be marked for failure.  The benefits of this approach are described in the introduction to this section.

Commands Used

The following commands may be placed in System, Owner or Jobtype UJP files, from which they will migrate to the Job Instance Properties in the usual way on job creation.  The commands may also be placed in the FST file used for launches using FFBC.





Each command specifies an index file to be used (containing entries to be checked against), together with an optional outcome override and other keyword parameters. When you use these commands to specify global, per-client or per-job look-up files, you should normally disable the legacy Do-Not-Send look-ups described in later sections.  For global look-ups, this can be done selectively by assigning a value of NONE to control variables DNS_PATH, DNS_MAIL_PATH and DNS_DOMN_PATH when the new commands have been implemented and tested.  The user-specific look-ups are disabled by removing the $dns_file command and the control variables USER_DNS_MAIL and USER_DNS_DOMN.

The sequence in which files are checked is System, Owner and then Jobtype, with the commands originating in each file being checked in the reverse sequence to that in which they appear.  All the white-list items are checked first and a match causes further checking to be skipped.  White-list matches also prevent items from being excluded by legacy do-not-send commands and variable specifications.  To send only whitelisted items, a $dns_phone or $dns_email command with a FailAll keyword can be used.

In a Job Administration type FEB2 broadcast (separate columns for fax phone and e-mail), a match on either the e-mail or the phone column will exclude the item.

The outcome code is determined by the file in which a match is first found.  Note that it is considered an error to supply an empty list or index, and the launch will fail.

Default Failure Outcome codes

Phone look-up failures:  188

E-Mail look-up failures: 189

Domain look-up failures: 190

Phone Number Formatting

The look-up is done on the number in the broadcast list, modified as follows:

if the number starts with a +, the symbol is replaced by the value from the $country_prefix configuration command.

all non-numeric characters and white space characters are removed.

in the NANP area, ten-digit NANP numbers are prefixed with '1'.

E-Mail Address Formatting

The look-up is done on the address in the broadcast list, modified as follows:

if angle-brackets <> are present, the address is taken to be the part of the string between them

if brackets are present (), they and their contents are removed.

if double-quotes "", are present, they and their contents are removed

leading and trailing white space is removed.

spaces immediately before and after @ are removed.

for domain look-ups, everything up to and including the @ is removed.

Resubmit Failed

Since these checks, by definition, are performed at job launch time, resubmitting an item which has failed the check will cause it to be transmitted. This differs from the processing of the legacy do-not-send look-ups, where the look-up is repeated for a resubmitted item. To guard against unwanted accidental transmission, outcome codes 188-190 are never resubmitted as a result of using the JOBADMIN Resubmit Failed dialog and entering class 'Z'. You can still resubmit these items by entering the outcome code in the JOBADMIN Resubmit Fail dialog or by using the right-click menu of the JOBADMIN job item status list.

Override Failure Outcome codes

The outcome code number specified on the $dns_phone or $dns_email command, if any, will override the default values shown above.  In the case of an index containing both e-mail addresses and domain names, the specified outcome code will be incremented by one for domain matches.

If you use the override outcome code on the command, failed items will NOT be protected from accidental transmission if you ignore the warning and enter 'Z' on the JOBADMIN Resubmit Fail dialog.