Extract Failed Destination Data from Broadcast Job

JOBXFAIL jobfile|jobid [keyword|status ...] [pathname]

We recommend using DNSUPD instead of this program.  DNSUPD has more features than JOBXFAIL and can update do-not-send and action files directly.

This program extracts fail-destination data for an individual job into a text file, one job item destination per line. This file is suitable for adding to the do-not-send file for subsequent broadcasts to the same list.  The output filename defaults to the name of the job instance file with the addition of '_FAIL.TXT'.

If the parameter is given as a job ID number (and if Job ID is specified as being unique within the system) then the program searches for the Job ID. In this case the output file is placed in the EXTDATA directory under the defined USERJOBS directory for the system.

The command-line may contain one or more numeric outcome codes which are to be used to select items for inclusion in the output file.  If no error codes are supplied, all failures will be included.  If any job item sent to the same destination is successful, this will cause failures to the destination to be omitted.

The following keywords and/or parameter may also appear on the command-line:

dialedThe digits dialed are extracted (from the DIALED_DIGITS variable) instead of the number from the $fax_phone command (or the corresponding command for voice or SMS broadcasts)
noemptyThe output file is not written if it is empty. This keyword is ignored if an output file is specified.
pathnameOutput is appended to the named file, which is created if it does not already exist.  This parameter must only appear once.

When an e-mail address is extracted, only the effective address is written in the output file, omitting quoted and comment strings.

The jobfile parameter may have a '+' prefix to indicate that the filename is a list of job instance files to be processed.

This program can be run as an end-job-task or independently from a console session.  It returns a positive errorlevel on failure.


JOBXFAIL @FFJOBS\Steve\NO_JTYPE\JOB00123.UJP 329 330 failed.txt