Job Type job properties are held in the file JOBTYPE.UJP which is in the folder jobtypename under the job owner folder. This file is maintained by the JOBADMIN program.

Jobtype job properties inherit owner and system job properties as defaults. You may specify any of the properties listed above as Owner Job Properties to override the defaults.

The first category of Jobtype Job Properties identifies the job type:

The full name of the job type is printed on reports, etc. See $jobtype_name.

You may also specify a voice file which can be played during IVR to confirm the job type name. See $jobtype_voxfile.

Normally, the Jobtype Job Properties are used to override such items as:

broadcast list to be used (as an alternative to selecting from multiple lists)

priority, selecting a TOSENDx queue with different priority or time-schedule

fax send time, using an FS template command to delay transmission