Process Queue of Job Summary Updates


The JOBSUM program processes MSMQ messages from the queue specified as $jobsum_qname and updates the corresponding job summary (.SUM) files.  When not specified, COPIAFACTS engine nodes will each update the summary files after every transmission completes; the queue is therefore recommended when multiple nodes are in use and very high transaction volumes are likely.

This program, despite its name, is not used in any way in the maintenance of the JOBSUM.DBF and JOBSUM.NDX files.  Those files derive from the legacy job features in FFBC, and can optionally continue to be maintained from JOBDDATA program.

Normally the message count should be low except at times of very high activity.  You can click on the number showing the high value of the progress bar to set a different value:

This program always writes a JOBSUM.OMA file, but the file must be explicitly named on the OMACHECK command line to monitor the operation of JOBMON.  An alternate name for the OMA file may be specified (without a full path) on the command line.

The Log Failures to Trace File button dumps a summary of update failures to the trace file, if FFTRACE is running.