The following codes represent the status of a job instance.  They are also are returned in the JOB_STATUS system variable after a job instance has been selected in an IVR session:


10 Job instance has just been created
11 Waiting for inbound fax
13 Inbound fax failed
14Processing preview
20 Job proof launched, awaiting proof transmission
21 Job proof transmitted, awaiting manual launch
22 Job proof transmitted, awaiting timeout to launch
23 Job proof failed to transmit, launch suspended
24 Launch suspended while awaiting timeout to launch
25 Launch in progress
26Job suspended while launch in progress
27Job canceled during launch
29 Launch failed or incomplete
30 Job launched and active
31 Job Daily Quota reached
32 Job suspended
33Job canceled by forcing unsent items to fail
34Job processing Get SMS Delivery Outcomes
35Job launched and active, with items in FS queue
36Job canceled by forcing unsent items to fail, some items in FS queue
40 Job being processed by FFMERGE or external launcher
42 Suspended FFMERGE job
50 Permanently open job
52 Suspended open job
70Resubmit fail in progress
74Get SMS Delivery Outcomes relaunch in progress
80 Job completed
81 Standard Job report successfully transmitted
82 Transmission of standard job report failed
85 All end-of-job actions initiated
90 Job has been archived (and then restored)