Monitoring of Broadcast Jobs


The JOBMON program monitors job completion and initiates the specified job completion tasks. JOBMON must be left running whenever CopiaFacts job processing is taking place. If you stop JOBMON it will prevent end-of-job actions from being started. JOBMON should normally only be run on one machine, but if you accidentally run it multiple times the instances will interlock to prevent end-of-job tasks being run more than once.

This program always writes a JOBMON.OMA file, but the file must be explicitly named on the OMACHECK command line to monitor the operation of JOBMON.  An alternate name for the OMA file may be specified (without a full path) on the command line.

JOBMON displays the results of each scan in a window, but should normally be left running minimized.


Version 7

The JOBMON display in version 7 included regularly-updated status information for all jobs.  This was similar to the Overview page now provided in JOBADMIN.