Job Instance job properties are held in the file JOBxxxxx.UJP (where xxxxx is the job instance number), under the owner and jobtype folders. This creation of this file is implements the creation of a Job Instance. The (system-wide) default for the number of numeric digits in each job number is set in $job_digits.

Job Instance job properties inherit jobtype, owner and system job properties as defaults. During job creation, either by JOBADMIN or using IVR, you may override specific properties as follows:

Where multiple lists are specified, you may select the lists to be included in this job instance.

If no job documents have been specified, you must select one or more documents to be sent.

The job priority can be overridden.

The job send time can be overridden.

Variables can be set to be carried through to job reports. This allows an owner to specify account or job codes to be used for each instance of the job that is launched.