CopiaFacts allows automation of broadcast job submission using interactive voice response (IVR) from a caller. A standard sequence of prompts and responses is provided, but all aspects of job submission and monitoring may be customized.

This feature is designed for a Service Bureau user of CopiaFacts who wishes to automate the use of the broadcast facilities by the bureau clients.

To use the standard sequence of prompts, place a $jobadmin command in the User Profile which is used to greet the caller. This command causes the normal greeting to be skipped, and the interaction starts instead with Standard Voice Prompt 74 (Job Greeting). The call then proceeds as Standard Job IVR.

Note that $jobadmin is a USR file command, not a UJP file command.  It is normally placed in a user profile selected by means of the incoming dialed number.

All of the Job IVR is customizable. For examples of customized job IVR procedures, see Custom Job IVR.