CopiaFacts includes optional facilities to treat a group of outbound fax operations as a 'job'. This feature is designed to simplify the monitoring and control of service bureau tasks, but also has application wherever individual users of the CopiaFacts system need to work with a particular set of outbound items.

The heart of the Job feature is the Job Control Center program (JOBADMIN). This can be used both by system administrators and individual users to monitor and control job operations. In addition, the system allows Job Administration using IVR so that remote users can launch and control broadcasts by calling in to the CopiaFacts system.

Details of the Job Administration Feature appear in the following sections:

Feature Summary
System Job Properties
Owner Job Properties
Jobtype Job Properties
Job Instance Properties
Broadcast Types:
         Plain Fax Broadcasts
         Plain E-Mail Broadcasts
         Voice Broadcasts
         Fax Poll Broadcasts
         Fax and E-Mail Broadcasts (single list column)
         Fax and E-Mail Broadcasts (two list columns)
Job Admin IVR
Standard Job IVR
Custom Job IVR
Job Reports
Document Conversion
Word Merge
Using Excel Files
E-Mail Attachments
Randomized FS File Pickup