The following codes may be assigned to the JOBACTION system variable after a job instance has been selected in an IVR session. To actually process the job action you must transfer to state JOB_JOBACTION.

1 Process standard job report
2 Cancel delayed launch; suspend if already launched
3 Launch the job if not already launched
4 Launch a job proof
5 Resume suspended job
6 Extract job data into a .TAB file
7 Archive all job files into a ZIP file
8 Resubmit all failed faxes
9 Extract job data into a DBF file
10Process FS queue trailer message
14 Extract job data into an .XLSX file
15 Suspend job processing
16 Empty the standard job list files, then resubmit failed faxes
17Resubmit 'sent' SMS files to get SMS outcome
101 Delete all job files
102 Delete all un-sent job files
103 Launch unconditional, whatever the job status
1001 Change owner password

Note that other job action codes may be defined for internal uses and should not be used. For callers responding to the Job Action prompt in the standard job IVR sequence only codes that are in the above list and under 100 will be accepted.  See also Job Action Codes for DLL Calls