The Gateway is installed from the CopiaServerInstall program by checking the Copia SMTP Gateway checkbox in the list of installable items. In version 7, there was a separate installer, CopiaFactsGatewayInstaller.

The gateway service executable CFGATEWAY will be installed to the Copia folder under Program Files. The application used to configure the gateway, GWMANAGER, will also be installed. The installer also installs the default user profile used for the gateway transactions, as well as the script modules used for email notification and processing subscriber remove requests received by email. It also installs this manual.

The gateway service is originally installed to use the local system account and to start automatically. If the gateway will be connecting to the CopiaFacts Fax Server over the network, then you will need to change the logon account for the gateway to an account that has read/write privileges for the Copia share. You can do this from the LogOn tab from the properties page for the CopiaFacts SMTP Gateway service from the services management snap-in.

If you experience any start-up problems with the gateway service following a system reboot and the problems are not related to configuration errors, you may wish to add a restart for the first and second failures to compensate for possible delays in establishing network connections. You can set the restart strategy on the Recovery tab on the properties page for the gateway service. You may remove the gateway using 'Add/Remove Programs' or 'Programs and Features' in the control panel.