Installation Notes - Terminal Services

Do not install the Client software on any machine unless you have already installed the CopiaFacts Server software.

These notes cover the installation of CopiaFacts Client software for Terminal Services users.

You should have installed the CopiaFacts Server in the normal way, either on a separate machine or on the machine running as the Terminal Services server.  As part of this process, you will set up a Copia Application Data area in a COPIA share on your Fileserver.

Administrator Install of CopiaFacts Client

The administrator must run the CopiaFacts Client Installer on the Terminal Services server, using a special command-line parameter of -tsadministrator.

If you have already clicked on and run CopiaClientInstall820nnn.exe or otherwise run it without using this special parameter, you must first uninstall the CopiaFacts Client software from the Control Panel Programs and Features dialog.

Open a command session, or use Run from the start menu, and enter a command:

\\nodename\COPIA\NETBIN\CopiaClientInstall820nnn.exe -tsadministrator

In this command, nodename is the name of the machine on which the Copia Application Data area resides.  Even if this is the same machine as the terminal services server, you must enter the path as a UNC name, not with a drive letter.

This command will install the applications and the printer driver(s).  It will also create a CopiaFacts client folder set for your own user name under COPIA\FAXFACTS\USERJOBS and will initialize the OWNER.UJP and OWNER.INI files.

Administrator Install for Terminal Services Users

You may optionally set up the CopiaFacts client folders for individual users from the FFCLTADM administration program.  Follow the instructions in the Client Administration topics, in particular Adding and Deleting Users/Owners.

Individual Terminal Services User Installation

Each Terminal Services user can set up his or her own folder set using the CopiaTSClientInstall program.  To do this, open a command session, or use Run from the start menu, and enter a command:


This command will set up the folders for the user under under COPIA\FAXFACTS\USERJOBS and will initialize the user's OWNER.UJP and OWNER.INI files.

Folder permissions

The installers do not set folder permissions for the main folders under COPIA\FAXFACTS\USERJOBS.  It is the administrator's responsibility to configure this.