Installation Notes - Cloud

If you are installing CopiaFacts Server in a cloud server, you need to be aware of the following issues:

Commercially available cloud servers running Windows OS are typically set up and pre-configured as web servers, and may not be suitable out-of-the box for running a fax or e-mail server such as CopiaFacts.  We have found it best to order and provision an unmanaged or minimally-managed server, if available.

Many server providers limit the networking capability of their servers, and CopiaFacts by default requires full network capability to share files and folders.  See the special configuration steps below.

You may find it hard to open necessary ports for FoIP, VoIP or E-Mail applications.  Server providers are not used to answering technical questions about these issues.

Some server providers either block e-mail transmissions from their servers, or require them to use their own SMTP server, in attempt to prevent the use of the server for spam. CopiaFacts outbound e-mail can be configured to use a specific SMTP server, rather than the default method of sending to each recipient's designated mailserver.  However the use of a specific mailserver may be subject to volume limits and in some cases SMTP ports may be completely blocked.  Copia does not condone the use of CopiaFacts for sending unsolicited e-mail.

Installing with limited local network access

The default CopiaFacts server install assumes that local folders on the server can be accessed using a UNC path name such as \\computername\COPIA\FAXFACTS, where COPIA is a local sharename.  We have encountered cloud servers where this capability is blocked.  If the COPIA share cannot be accessed using the machine name in this way, COPIAINSTALL will put up a dialog suggesting that you restart it with an island parameter on the command-line.

When doing an island install, especially when moving an existing CopiaFacts system 'to the cloud', you must run COPIAINSTALL FIRST, before attempting to copy files from your existing system.  Do not then copy any of your old INI files to the island system.

The COPIAINSTALL install manager will prepare a special 'island' installation, not using UNC path names, in a local folder that you choose:

Note that in a CopiaFacts installation of this type, all components will run as local applications on the same machine or virtual machine.  This type of configuration is not one we normally recommend, because it may limit your configuration options or your expansion capability.  COPIAINSTALL will therefore only offer this option when the specific network blocking is detected.

For technical details of this type of configuration, see Advanced Configuration Features.