Installation Notes - Client

Do not install the Client software on any machine unless you have already installed the CopiaFacts Server software on your network.

Use the following procedure to install the CopiaFacts Client Software on a separate workstation.

[For Terminal Services installations, see the separate topic].

Download the Copia Client Install Manager

If your system administrator has not provided you with a copy, download the Client Install Manager using the following link: Note that all links are case-sensitive.
We suggest downloading either to your desktop or to a location where you can easily find it when the download is complete.

Run the Copia Client Install Manager

Run the CopiaClientInstall program which you have just downloaded.  On recent Windows operating systems you may see a User Account Control prompt which you need to accept:

Then the Install Manager will be displayed:

If you have arranged for Copia Support to assist your installation, you can use the Remote Support button, which installs the COPIATECH remote viewing utility.  The Installation Notes button opens this manual topic in your browser.

If you have installed a previous version of the CopiaFacts Client Software, the subtitle of the link button will show that you have already linked your machine to the COPIA share, and the Install button will show the latest version of the software that has been downloaded by your system administrator.  In this case, you can skip this section and proceed directly to the Installation section below.

To continue, click the big 'Link' button:

This will display the following Wizard screen:

Click Next:

If you are familiar with the configuration of your network, you can use the ellipsis button (...) to display a standard Windows network browse dialog which allows you to select a COPIA share.  Otherwise, we recommend using the Search button.

Assuming your network has a single COPIA share and that your login can access it, the share name will be displayed in the dialog, and you can select Finish to connect to it.

If, exceptionally, the search finds a share named COPIA on more than one machine, the following dialog will be displayed:

After clicking OK, you can select the correct share using the pull-down button.  Perhaps one of the COPIA sharenames resides on a backup server on your network, so it is essential that you make the correct choice here:

When you have selected the correct COPIA share, click Finish to connect to it.  The following dialog will be displayed briefly:

Installing the Copia Client Software

You are then ready to install the Copia Client Software on your own machine, and the Install Manager will display the latest version available:

Click the big Install button.  If, exceptionally, you are installing CopiaFacts Client software for use on a server machine, you may be asked to confirm that you are not intending to make a Terminal Services installation.

The main Client installer will then start:

Unless your system administrator has provided a custom install, the user name for which the Client will be installed will be taken from your login:

Verify the user name and press next:

Finally, press Install to proceed with the installation.


If you have licensed FFMERGE there will be an additional two screens:

Press Continue.

Press Yes.

Finally, if you have previously installed the Copia Client Software, you may sometimes be asked to reboot your machine.  This will normally not be required, but if it is, select the option to restart the computer, after saving your other work.

This completes the installation of the CopiaFacts Client Software.  Click Exit to exit the Client Install Manager: