Infobox Information File [IIF]

Infobox Information Files are used to specify what file(s) to send for a specific infobox (if an infobox is not just a document file), or what processing (menus, passwords, decisions, questions, external queries, etc.) is to be performed when the infobox is selected. The files must located in one of the directories specified by $script_locn commands in the user profile.

Infobox filenames must be numeric if they are to be selected by a fax-on-demand caller using DTMF.  Otherwise any filename of 15 characters or less may be used.  Avoid filenames with embedded spaces and those starting with 'S' and followed only by numeric characters (which can be confused with state numbers).

Note that Conditional and Loop commands, used mainly in Infobox Information files, are documented in a separate section.


$add_image Add Image Programmatically
$allow_interrupt Set Transfer Call to allow DTMF interrupt
$append_dbf Append an Empty Record to an External Database and Update the Index
$beep Sound the PC Speaker
$authenticateAuthenticate the use of Encrypted Variables
$breakExit from Repeat/Until Loop
$chainTransfer Control to the Next Step in an Infobox Chain
$confirm_desc Specify Non-Standard Entry-Confirmation
$dial_cmd Specify Dial Command for Call Transfer
$error_exit Set Infobox or State to Transfer to on Error
$flushdtmfSpecify play/record option
$get_var Request Entry from Caller
$image_desc Specify Document Description or Menu Prompt
$image_file Specify Image Filename
$image_pages Specify Document Page Count
$image_password Specify Image Password Options
$image_type Specify Infobox Type
$image_update Set Remote Image Update Password and Options
$image_update_only Set Automatic Remote Image Update
$include Insert 'include file'
$lookup_var Set Variable from External Database File
$make_image Make Document or Cover Sheet On-The-Fly
$menu_item Specify Menu Selection Item and Actions
$merge_page Build Fax Page from Multiple Sections
$next_box Set Next Infobox or State to Transfer to
$nocallback Set Infobox Delivery Option
$nointerrupt Set Question Box Play/Response Option
$onlycallback Set Infobox Delivery Option
$play_var Speak the Contents of a Variable
$record_dir Override Directory for Caller Voice Messages
$record_limit Set Allowed Recording/Connect Time
$record_nextmsg specify file containing next message number
$removedtmfspecify play/record option
$repeat Start a repeated block of commands
$repeat_limit Override repeat limit
$repeat_msg Override Prompt Repeat and Delay Settings
$run Run Query Program
$script Document Spoken Menus and Prompts
$set_chainEstablish a Chain of Infobox Sequences
$set_state Set Transaction Sequence Override
$set_var Assign Value to Variable
$star_box Specify '*' processing in a Menu
$tone_wait Override DTMF Timeout Period to Assume Touch-tone Entry is Complete
$tts_file Specify a file to be spoken as TTS
$tts_text Specify text to be spoken as TTS
$type Specify Infobox Type
$type call_ext Designate Infobox for Transfer, no Analysis
$type call_phone designate Infobox for Transfer with Analysis
$type decision Designate Infobox for Conditional Processing
$type fax Designate Infobox for Fax Image or Alias
$type fsfile Designate Infobox to Create FS File
$type group Designate Infobox for Group of Documents
$type menu Designate Infobox for Menu
$type playback Designate Infobox for Caller Msgs Playback
$type query Designate Infobox for Run Query Program
$type question Designate Infobox for Question and Response
$type record Designate Infobox for Recording Caller Msg
$type replay Designate Infobox for Repeating Message back to Caller
$type studio Designate Infobox for Recording Studio Ops
$type transfer Designate Infobox for Call Transfer
$type voice Designate Infobox for Voice Message
$type web Designate Infobox for Web Image
$until Conditionally repeat a block of commands
$update_dbf Update External Database from Variable
$update_jcfUpdate Client Owner Job Control File
$validate Specify Question Box Response Validation
$var_def_copy Copy user variables into generated FS file
$web_options Specify Web Options