Recording Studio operations are initiated from a .IIF file with $type studio. The following four files are provided in the standard installation image directory FAXFACTS\DEMOIMG for new installations:

; 00006543.IIF

$type studio @FFBASE\voice system sysmsg.lst

; 00006542.IIF

$type studio @FFBASE\image image

; 00006541.IIF

$type studio @FFBASE\voicewrk\digits digits ffdigits.alg

; 00006540.IIF

$type studio @FFBASE\voicewrk\amounts amounts ffamount.alg

We recommend that after initial installation you rename these files to change the 6540 - 6543 numbers. If you do not do this then anyone reading this manual will be able to call your system and re-record your working messages set after selecting one of these numbers. You may also wish to add a $image_password command in each .IIF file for additional security.