CopiaFacts handles incoming traffic differently depending on whether it arrives by a telephone line or by e-mail.

Inbound Voice or Fax calls on telephone lines (or on VoIP or FoIP ports) are all handled by an instance of the COPIAFACTS server engine.

Inbound E-Mail is handled by instances of a separate SMTP mailserver, the Copia SMTP Gateway.

CopiaFacts does not currently handle inbound SMS unless delivered by e-mail.

On phone lines and ports, the line can be configured exclusively for inbound calls, or can also handle outbound calls.  When a system is intended to handle both call directions, it is generally recommended that you reserve some lines for inbound calls, or at least use them for outbound only when you least expect inbound calls.  Otherwise sending a fax or voice broadcast could prevent the system from receiving any inbound calls.


The following topics describe the process of handing inbound traffic in more detail:

Inbound Fax and Voice Calls

Inbound Fax


Fax to E-Mail

Inbound E-Mail

E-Mail to Fax