5000 Infobox x not found in specified location(s)

After searching the applicable $script_locn directories, no Infobox was found with the number shown. Standard voice prompt 5 will be played in a fax-on-demand application.

 5001 No specified image range includes infobox x

After searching the $script_locn entries, no range was found which included the Infobox number specified. Standard voice prompt 5 will be played in a fax-on-demand application.

 5002 Incorrect number of parameters in line #n

 5003 Unknown command in line #n

 5004 Unknown image type x in line #n

 5005 Not enough memory in line #n (x)

 5006 $image_file not allowed in menu or voice IIF

 5007 Invalid image number x in line #n

 5008 Invalid image x in line #n

 5009 Not yet specified $image_type in line #n

An error was detected processing the commands in a .IIF file.

 5011 Duplicate infobox file name in line #n

 5012 Duplicate description x ignored in line #n

Multiple $image_file or $image_desc commands were encountered.

 5013 Duplicate $get_var (for x) ignored in line #n

Duplicate $get_var commands were encountered in the .IIF file. To get more than one variable from the caller, you must use multiple .IIF files, usually linked by $next_box commands.

 5014 No retries specified for image x in line #n

An invalid or missing number of retries was found on a $validate NDX command.

 5015 Command error(s) detected processing IIF x

One or more errors were detected and reported in the .IIF file shown.

 5016 No $image_type or $type found in IIF x

There was no $image_type or $type in the .IIF file shown. One of these commands is required.

 5017 No items found in menu or group IIF x (x)

A group or menu .IIF file had no component files or menu items respectively.

 5018 Not enough memory to process IIF x (x)

Consult your CopiaFacts supplier for assistance.

 5019 File x not found from IIF x

No infobox was found corresponding to a member of $type group infobox.

 5020 Unable to open image file x

The image file shown was found but could not be opened. If the permissions are correct, it is possible that the file was being updated by another process when the caller request was made.

 5021 Image limit of x exceeded, image x not added

The caller attempted to request more images than were allowed by the $max_image command. Since CopiaFacts does not prompt for another image selection if the limit is reached, this situation can only arise if the caller selects a group Infobox which takes the count over the limit.

 5022 Index or data file not found for look-up on line #n

 5023 Index or data file not found for update on line #n

The file specified for $lookup_var was not found or the full pathname was omitted.

 5024 Unable to add image n from $add_image in line #n

The file specified from $add_image could not be found (or was specified as a filename instead of an infobox reference).

 5025 $play_var on line #n incompatible with $image_desc command

You cannot play a variable with $play_var from an infobox which has an $image_desc command.

 5026 Invalid $make_image prefix s in line #n

The prefix used in $make_image to form image numbers on-the-fly was either not numeric or was more than two digits long.

 5027 $type query specified with no $run command

 5028 $get_var command on line #n not preceded by $type question

 5029 $run command on line #n not preceded by $type query

 5030 $type question specified with no $get_var command

A $run command must be matched with $type query and vice-versa, and a $get_var command must be matched with $type question and vice-versa.

 5031 Invalid repeat option s in line #n

The IIF $repeat_msg command had an invalid value.

 5032 $image_file line missing in IIF

 5033 Command in line #n not allowed except in menu

 5034 Duplicate command ignored in line #n

The IIF contained invalid or missing commands.

 5035 $play_var 'amount' on line #n but no $user_pb_cost cmd given

There was no $user_pb_cost file specification available to play an amount variable with $play_var.

 5036 Bad voice message directory s in line #n (n)

In a $type or $record_dir command the specified voice message directory did not exist or could not be accessed.

 5037 Missing studio-messages playback file

There was no file available to play the special messages for the Recording Studio.

 5038 Recording studio in use by line #n

The Recording Studio feature can only be used on one telephone line at a time.

 5039 Invalid $merge_page option x on line #n

The command specifies an unrecognized option keyword.

 5040 $make_image in line # requires $type decision

The type of the infobox was incorrect

 5041 Cannot read/identify file %s

The document file could not be identified as a valid fax format.

 5042 Alpha validation specified in line #n but no FAXFACTS.ABC file

There was no file available to play the special messages for alphabetic entry.

 5043 IBC name s not found in $load_ibc table, on line #n

An infobox collection key name specified on a $script_locn command was not one of the key names loaded with $load_ibc.

 5044 Invalid call type on line #n

The call type on a $dial_cmd line was not one of callp, nocallp, cp0, cp1 or cp2.

 5045 No dial command found in $type transfer IIF s

A $type transfer infobox must contain a $dial_cmd command to specify the dial string.

 5046 URL filename not in $type web infobox on line #n

 5047 Invalid URL for $type web infobox on line #n

 5048 Invalid web options keyword on line #n

The rules for specifying or processing URL filenames have not been kept to.

 5049 No support functions loaded in line #n

 5050 Exception in support functions DLL

 5051 $set_var '$fn' error (n) in line #n

 5052 Buffer overrun in $set_var '$fn' in line #n

An error occurred in the use of support functions from CF8SUPPORT.DLL

 5053 Invalid state 'x' in $set_state in line #n

 5054 Invalid repeat limit x in line #n

An error occurred in infobox processing

 5055 Invalid keyword x (not Inbound, Outbound, or Both) in line #n 

 5056 Invalid syntax 'x' of DTMF list in line #n

There was an invalid keyword or syntax on an $allow_interrupt command for an SC-Bus transfer.

 5057 Run command invalid while earlier command is running in NOWAIT mode

 5058 Exception while terminating a NOWAIT command

 5059 Failed to terminate a NOWAIT command

 5060 Exception while getting status of process spawned in NOWAIT mode

An error occurred while processing a $run command with NOWAIT specified.