How Programs Find the CopiaFacts Application Data folder

There needs to be a means for everyone who needs the CopiaFacts folders to find them. The directories are normally specified either in the CopiaFacts configuration file or in user profile files. There is sometimes only one configuration file and one default user profile, but many CopiaFacts systems have multiple user profile files for different applications.

The first set of information is obtained from the COPIACONNECT.INI file in the Windows "All Users" application data area, in the COPIA subfolder.  This tells the program the location of the CopiaFacts Application Data folder. The UNC path to reach this folder is verified against the expected UNC path held in FFCFG.INI in that folder.  This ensures that all machines use the same UNC path to access this folder.

The CopiaFacts Application data folder name (typically \\servername\COPIA\FAXFACTS) is available as @FFBASE in all command files except FAXFACTS.CFG.

In this FaxFacts folder there resides the file FFCFG.INI containing the name of the master CopiaFacts configuration file (normally FAXFACTS.CFG). The configuration file is read to determine the locations of all the main CopiaFacts elements:

$request_dir The folder containing TOSEND, SENT, FAIL and other queue directories. Default: CALLBACK. System variable: @FFREQ.
$post_office The folder containing mailbox files (.MBX). Default: MAIL. System variable: @FFPO.
$log_def The folder containing yyyymmdd.DBF log files and OMA files. Default: LOG. System variable: @FFLOG.
$user_profiles The folder containing user profiles (.USR). Default: the base CopiaFacts folder. System variable: @FFUSER.
$user_jobs The folder containing Job Admin files (.UJP and others). Default: USERJOBS. System variable: @FFJOBS.

Note that in all the above commands (as with most FAXFACTS.CFG commands) variables (such as @FFBASE) are NOT expanded and should not be used.  The FAXFACTS.CFG file defines these folders, and the above variables are used to access them from other command files.