Hardware and IP Ports

The following supported hardware and ports are documented in this section:

Brooktrout TR1034 Fax/Voice

Commetrex BladeWare:

Commetrex BladeWare SIP (FoIP)

Commetrex BladeWare MSP (Sangoma)

Copia VoIP Ports

Dialogic Diva Server:

Dialogic Diva Server Fax

Dialogic Diva Server Voice

Dialogic Fax (D/4PCI, D/xxxJCT, VFX/41JCT)

Fax Modems


Driver Downloads

We recommend that you should use the COPIAINSTALL program to list, select and download available downloads, but the direct download links are available below also.  The installer files normally encapsulate the manufacturer's own installer and at the time of creation of this manual are named as follows:

Brooktrout 6.2.10 - 6.6InstallBrooktrout_6.2.10.exe
Brooktrout 6.7.2InstallBrooktrout_6.7.2.exe
BladeWare SIPInstallBladeWareSIP_2.4.13.exe (XP/2003)
BladeWare SIPInstallBladeWareSIP_2.4.18.exe (Vista/2008 and later)
BladeWare Sangoma BoardInstallBladeWareSangoma_2.5.25.exe
Dialogic Diva 32-bitInstallDiva32_8.5.14.exe
Dialogic Diva 64-bitInstallDiva64_8.5.14.exe
Dialogic InstallDialogicXP2003_6.0.271.exe (XP/2003)
Dialogic InstallDialogicVistaAndLater_6.0.271.exe (Vista/2008 and later)
Please use COPIAINSTALL ('check for updates') to check if later driver versions exist.


Brooktrout installers include versions for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems

BladeWare SIP and BladeWare Sangoma cannot currently be installed on the same machine

Copia VoIP Ports are built-in and do not require a separate download

A driver for supported Fax Modems is built-in and does not require a separate download

The version numbers shown on 'check for updates' may be later than those shown above

We recommend downloading the files to the COPIA\NETBIN folder. This where COPIAINSTALL will download them to, and where it expects to run them from.

Earlier versions of CopiaFacts supported Brooktrout TR114 boards, Gammalink boards, and Commetrex Powerfax boards.  Contact Copia Support for information about availability of older CopiaFacts releases.