Copia are Goldmine users and have been working with Goldmine since version 4. We have integrated with Goldmine and other contact databases using standard database access techniques for a number of years. We also provide a Goldmine API wrapper that allows our customers to access the Goldmine API through the scripting language built into our fax, email, and voice engine. Coupled with the database features already included in the scripting language, the Goldmine API wrapper provides a great deal of power and flexibility for Goldmine developers. We also use the Goldmine API wrapper to update contact history as an option in our standard software. Our patented mail merge process also allows us to include fax or email addressing information in Goldmine templates. So we have a number of alternatives for delivering customized fax and email to Goldmine contacts.

When Z-Firm announced that they would no longer continue to develop or market their OmniRush product line, a number of Goldmine users were left in a quandary. They could either stay with their current release of Goldmine and OmniRush or upgrade to version 9 of Goldmine and look for other email and fax solutions. The upgrade path would almost certainly mean an additional investment of time and money in revising documents and procedures as necessary to fit in with the design of the replacement fax and/or email software. We realized that we could ease this transition by providing a replacement for OmniRush that included most of the features of OmniRush that users had come to depend on, but that would still mesh with our system design so that users could take advantage of the features that we offer. We realize that duplicating OmniRush is a monumental task and that we may fall short of some user’s expectations. However, we are committed to working with users to improve the product and to ensure that we incorporate the OmniRush features they need while providing a migration path to our software should they wish to take advantage of some of the features we offer.


The CopiaFacts interface for Goldmine is described in the following topics:

CopiaFacts OmniRush Software

Setup Wizard

Creating Goldmine Fax or Email Activities

Scanner/Monitor Operation

Scanner/Monitor Configuration

Scanner Fax and Email Transactions

Scanner Error Codes

Goldmine Connections using ADO/UDL Files