The following errors may occur during the pre-processing phase in which the scanner checks for errors in the scheduled activity. If an error occurs during this phase, no FS file is generated and the activity is assigned back to the creator with the error results pre-pended to the activity notes. Errors will also be displayed in the message display area and in the trace output if FFTrace is running with the scanner (CFGMSERVER) added as a trace application.

9301      No files or notes to send

9302      Missing fax number or email address

9303      Missing or invalid cover sheet

9304      Unable to get next FS number

9305      Unsupported file type for fax

9306      Failed to position to contact record for recipient

9307      Invalid job owner in job owner override command

9308      Specified file or file reference not found

9309      Error processing Word document

9310      Error processing HTML document

9311      Unable to process document with Word 2007

9312      Unable to process document with Word 2003

9313      Unable to process document with Word 2010

9314      Unable to process document with Word 2000

9315      Track does not support specified operation

9316      Unsupported Word version

9317      Missing sender’s email address

9318      Invalid macro used in job owner override command

9319      Invalid macro for forward to override command

9320-9323 Reserved

9324      Unable to create user job profile (UJP) file

9325      Invalid macro for recipient fax number override

9326      Invalid macro for recipient email address override

9327      Invalid forward to user

9399      Unrecognized parameter in activity reference field

9400+     System error creating FS file (subtract 9400 to get error)